About Us

My name is Brittainy Frost and I am the owner of Proud Souls Boutique.  

Proud Souls was created when I was in college at Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!!).  For those of you who are not fans of Red Dirt Music, Cross Canadian Ragweed/Jason Boland recorded a song called "Proud Souls", hence our name. We were looking for something unique, and so it began!  I had a HUGE love of jewelry and decided that instead of spending money on it, why not start stringing a few beads myself and market my product to my friends and fellow jewelry lovers.  I traveled to various states and set up at many livestock shows and various other craft events in order to spread the word.

When Facebook came about, it became a phenomenal tool for me to advertise and reach out further to many more customers, and it was also a way to showcase my new products.  Social media is still a HUGE sales outlet for us.  When I graduated from OSU and moved to Texas I continued to string beads and sell jewelry out of my home for an extra income, and it was quite the stress reliever.  My mom began helping me as well, from helping with many of the booths to making jewelry of her own, which makes up the majority of our jewelry inventory in the storefront today.

In 2010 my husband Tony and I moved to Tallula, IL.  Boutiques weren't super prominent in the area, so I wanted to come up with a way to share my "Southern styles" with my friends in the area.  From there I began organizing home parties where I loaded up all my inventory in my Tahoe and went from place to place meeting new people and sharing all of my fun finds with others.  My inventory began to bust out of my spare bedroom at this point in time.  A wonderful friend of mine approached me about a building opportunity!

I had no intentions of opening up a storefront at this time....until I saw the building.  It was gorgeous, and it fit my style and the style of my product perfectly!!  With a beautiful town square we decided to give it a go.  On April 8, 2017 we opened our doors to the town of Petersburg.  I have always dreamed of owning my own business (preferably one  that showcased my love of fashion) and with the help & support of amazing family, friends and a hard working team of girls that dream has been achieved!  We strive to offer fashionable yet affordable clothing not only locally, but to our online customers as well.